Model-Driven Architecture

We developed and enhanced the SOA for several years now and it is based on an engineering approach: first we design the contract or interface by means of generally accepted notations (UML, WSDL) and then - based on this model

  • we generate the source code required, and
  • have a constantly updated communicable documentation.

Keep An Eye On ITIL

With the help of ITIL die OGC has created a de-facto standard decades ago, which cannot only ideally be used for service management in general but also for newer technological concepts - just like SOA. 
Topics such as Service Operations, Service Portfolio Management and Service Catalogue or simply Service Transitions are clearly structured, documented and well known worldwide. We just have to use "the money on the streets".

Independent and Flexible

With help of tools and technologies we are not deadlocked on single vendors and specific solution scenarios. Especially with the model-driven approach we are constantly able to step on new paths by using new generators - Yes, even changing the computer language is possible.